Saturday, September 10, 2011

Square Lake Half Iron...well 68.4 actually

I'm actually getting sort of nervous about this race, more to the point, the swim. I just didn't make the time needed to feel confident about the swim and that bothers me. I waited to long to try and make time to swim.
I'm not going to dwell on it, I'll just do the best I can and see what happens. Outside of that, I'm excited about the rest of the race and I'm anxious to see how I do biking 54 miles and then running a half marathon.
So if nerves weren't enough,  this morning I get up to do a little ride on the bike trainer and notice that my rear wheel is flat. Great! Now I should tell you that last weekend I replaced the front tire, got a new tube to bring to tomorrows race, and some bike cleaning supplies. I shined her up real nice and felt good about my tire changing skills. So when I had the flat this morning I thought, "a least I got a tube already" and since I just changed the front, this should be a piece of cake. So I got started and got it changed. I set it up back on the trainer and noticed a "thumping". I did an inspection and realized the tube was pinched on the bead of the tire. So I took it off (again) and now the tube had a small hole in it. So now I'm in a wonderful mood and look sort of like the pics below.

I theeeen tried to patch the tube and after doing so I put it back on the trainer. Shortly after, it went flat again. I said "fuck it" and dropped it off at bike shop and got a new tire and tube installed by professionals. Lets just hope I don't get a flat on the bike tomorrow, otherwise my day is done. 

I haven't been updating my blog lately and to be perfectly honest, it wasn't something I thought much about. I've logged my mileage and bike time (and the occasional swim) on and have been communicating with people in that format instead of the blog. It's quicker and something I can do at work after my lunch hour. My free time in the evenings has been limited lately with our oldest starting preschool and on Monday our youngest will be changing daycare providers. Our other daycare lady retired last Friday, so we've had heavy hearts lately.

So if you want to see what I'm up to more often, check out

My next post may have some big news, but I'll just leave it at that.



  1. Hope all went well on your race!

  2. Hope your race went well

    Friday night cliff hanger with the big news report