Tuesday, April 24, 2012

painting, life, and the last 16 weeks

So when I haven't been training for Ironman Wisconsin, I've been painting, removing wallpaper, and painting some more. Anyway, here's a sample of my work.  On top of that, I have to 2 spirited little girls who keep me on my toes.

Before: old crappy furniture (but its still comfy)
After: new curtains

Sectional from downstairs

TV from downstairs

Patio curtains
On Saturday April 14th, I took my oldest daughter to the Daddy Daughter Dance. We had lots of fun. She got her nails done, face painted, punch and cookies, and of course dancing!
My oldest (5 1/2) and me before the Daddy Daughter Dance
Yesterday was my youngest daughter's 2nd birthday, so we had ice cream and cupcakes. Not exactly Ironman training fuel, but I have to say it was well worth it.

very serious about her piggy tails!

On the training end of things, I've completed 16 weeks of Ironman training and here's the totals from each of the last 4 months;

Weeks 1-4:
Swim: 7hrs 42min
Bike: 13hrs 50min
Run: 7:51
Total: 29hrs 23min

Weeks 5-8:
Swim: 8hrs 28min
Bike: 16hrs 51min
Run: 9hrs 55min
Total: 35hrs 14min

Weeks 9-12:
Swim: 9hrs 30min
Bike: 19hrs
Run: 12hrs 9min
Total: 40hrs 39min

Weeks 13-16:
Swim: 10hrs 43min
Bike: 19hrs 15min
Run: 9hrs 25min
Total: 39hrs 23 min

So far, so good, but now the "real" training begins as the last 20 weeks of training is where the rubber meets the road.


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