Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April has only 30 days?

Apparently I can't read a calendar as on my last post I put that I would be doing a 16 miler on Sunday April 31. As it stands, it might as well have been January 91st because it actually snowed on Sunday and Monday. The snow was not measurable, but flakes were flying.
Needless to say, I didn't run outside. So I did something I've never done...I went to the gym! I'm not a member of any gym, but I did get a one day pass. It was actually at the community center, so there wasn't the usual hardbodies and sexy babes like these...

But rather something like this...

Anyway, I was supposed to do 16 miles, but after a steady of diet of fajitas, pizza, and cupcakes over the weekend, I was only able to squeeze out 13 miles. I did manage about an 8:30 pace overall, but I had to take a few breaks. Here's how my 13 miles of treadmill running went .

3 miles: 25 min.
Pee and gas break
6 miles: 50 min.
Poop break
4 miles: 33 min.

It wasn't 16 miles, but it'll have to do and, I'm not up to date on gym etiquette , but I'm pretty sure Agnes and Edith wouldn't have appreciated some of the lethal flatulence I had to get rid of in the locker room.

I'm starting to get a little restless to put my fitness to the test. I've been reading some blogs of people that have run marathons already; Boston, Oklahoma City, Eugene, etc. I hope I don't peak to early (I guess some sexual joke could be inserted here (oops, did it again), but I'll leave it alone).



  1. Haha, I run some long runs on the treadmill and I leave for similar breaks..sometimes. Other times I'm in a rush so the surrounding people just have to deal!

  2. Hilarious!!

    Hope I don't peak to early! That's what Dicks Sporting Goods said.