Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wet + Sweaty = Wetty

There was a little delay in the start of our run on Sunday, Ryan was delayed in traffic. So I had some time on my hands while I waited in South Minneapolis so I got a hooker and some blow waited patiently in my car.  Once he got there, we waited a little longer for the rain to let up. There was also tornado's reported in the area, so we headed out with reckless abandon cautiously.

Checking the weather.

This pic was from Oct 2010
The pic above is a pic I took last year. It's the same area we ran on Sunday, but it was raining at the time I had this view on the way out.

I kind of surprised Ryan with this pic.

After about 5 miles, the hard rain stopped, but then it got warm and muggy. Up ahead in the pic below was one of a few of the functioning water fountains.

The sidewalk and street are still wet from the rain.

Lake Calhoun as the weather cleared up.

Lake Harriet bandshell up ahead
The clouds cleared out and it was actually a nice end to the run.  We logged 13 miles in 2:07, but it was just nice to talk and BS with my buddy for a few hours.

The family and I are going camping this weekend and I'll take another crack at running 20 miles. After this weekend, only 3 weeks until Grandma's marathon. Also after this weekend, I'll share my goals for the marathon!



  1. That looked like a great run! Nothing wrong with 13 in 2:07. Nothing at all!

  2. You're absolutely right. 2:07 is nothing to sneeze at and doing it with a friend I've known (literally)all my life made it even more awesome (or awesomer, which ever it is).

  3. bahahaha...wetty...i'm using that.