Thursday, May 5, 2011

"The Voice" has a Triathlete?

Anyone been watching "The Voice"? I only bring this up because one of the contestants is from Minnesota and he sang the national anthem at my very first triathlon. He also completed the sprint tri, LifeTime Fitness Triathlon, that morning in 2009. I'm happy to report that he was only one of a very few people that had a slower swim time than I did that day. His name is Tim Mahoney and he's a staple in the Minneapolis music scene. I actually have a couple of his songs on my Ipod and my wife and I have watched him play live at local watering hole some years ago (pre-kids of course).

So there you have it, if your partial to musicians who also happen to be triathletes, Tim Mahoney is your guy. Oh, and I almost forgot, at the live show that we watched him at, during one of the breaks, we stood next to each other at the urinals in the bathroom. That makes us Piss Pals!


  1. Piss pals! Sounds like my girlfriends and I when we go shopping. HAHAHA! I'm sure I saw that guy but just forgot which one he was! I'm high fiving that he swam slower than you!

  2. He's the guy that Adam Levine thought was a "chick". I think he got a free entry fee for singing the national anthem.

  3. I havent heard the term piss pals in ages!!! Congrats on beating him out of the water