Friday, July 8, 2011


I'm back after a brief hiatus. Since Grandma's Marathon I haven't done much. Some by choice, some not. Here's a quick catch-up of what I've been doing (or not doing).

June 18th: Grandma's Marathon

June 19-23: I rode the bike trainer 3 times for a total of 90 minutes

June 24: the "procedure".

June 24-26: intimate sessions with multiple frozen bags of peas.

June 27- July 2: Still sore early in the week, but got better as the week went on.

July 2: Oldest daughter got sick and threw up all over me in the parking lot at Applebees, 2 hours from home.

July 2-4: Monitored a sick little girl; no parade, no BBQ, no fireworks = sad little girl.

July 5-7: Split the work days with the wife and got in zero workouts, but kids come first.

July 8: Oldest daughter feeling better and able to go to daycare! But the youngest now has a we go again. I did however work a full workday today as I wasn't able to split the workday with my wife so I was able to get in a lunchtime run; 3 miles in 24:16.

The Lifetime Fitness Triathlon (now called the Minneapolis Triathlon) is tomorrow and want to wish Jamie of  TriScientist good luck. It's his first "real" triathlon and I know he'll do great!

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  1. Sounds like you have had an interesting few weeks. Welcome back to the running world. I noticed you knocked out a nice run today. At some point you'll have to go swimming to do a triathlon though ;-)