Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So here is my log book. I keep all kinds of stuff in this mama jama. You can't see from this pic, but I have it labeled with different training plans (Olympic distance, Half Iron, etc.) and different workouts that I've found online. The three colored labels at the top are swim, bike, and run (duh). I never had any background in any of the 3 sports so I didn't have any base knowledge of how to train for a triathlon. So basically I would scour the internet for training plans, workouts, and anything else I thought may be helpful. I would try them out and adjust them to fit me needs. For example; I don't have a gym membership so I don't have regular access to a pool. Instead, I will go to open lap swim at one of the local schools through the community education program. The times are not always the most convenient, so I have work it in between supper, bath time for the girls, trips to the grocery store, work, and any other family obligations that may arise. The open lap swim time is only for 1 hour and the drills need to fit in that timeframe accordingly. I also have running workouts like mile repeats, interval runs, hill repeats, etc. All have been helpful because like I said before, I have no background like cross country or track to know any sort of drills. As for the bike, I haven't worked on a lot of "drills" mainly because my time is limited to my lunch hour and weekends. We recently got a CycleOps Fluid bike trainer, so this winter I plan on getting well acquainted with it. The other stuff in my log book are results pages, weight training plans, core workout plans, and a log of my body weight.
We're off to Grandma and Grandpa's for a holiday weekend, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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