Thursday, February 3, 2011

Indoor Triathlon, Super Bowl, and Bacon Gumballs!

So this weekend is my first race of 2011. I did it back in 2009 and thought it was pretty fun. I looked back at my old "training log" from then and was kind of shocked at how little I actually prepared for this event. Although, I recall thinking back then that I was in great shape too. In perspective, I was in great shape considering I was almost 200lbs and could barely run a mile about 18 months prior. This year the race is on Super Bowl sunday and unfortunately I didn't plan very well because our start time is 3:35pm. So after the 3 events and two 20 minute transitions and then the drive home, I'll miss some of the game and commercials. Oh well, at least the traffic should be light.
The format is 30min swim, 30min bike, 30min run, with 10min transitions between each and the person who has the most distance wins. So here again are my totals from 2009;

Swim: 0.621 miles
Bike: 7.930 miles
Run: 3.46 miles
Total: 12.011 miles

This year, I'd like to get to 14 total miles. Here are my goal times for each disipline;

Swim: 0.75 miles
Bike: 9.25 miles
Run: 4 miles

I don't know If I'll be able to reach those goals or not, but there they are none the less.

I almost forgot. My post race snack is going to be Bacon Gumballs! A co-worker saw them at a restaurant and said that she immediately thought of me and my love affair for all things swine. Ahhhhh.

Just kidding...well about the post race snack anyway. I had one these gumballs and I gotta say they are awful, which is hard for me to admit. I guess bacon should be left to breakfast and air freshners.

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