Thursday, June 16, 2011

2 days or 48 hours or 2880 minutes or 172,800 seconds ...

until Grandma's Marathon!  My 4 year old decorated my new running tank and I think she did a fine job.  I'll be proud to wear this on Saturday morning as my wife and daughters won't be there, but I'll be thinking of them the whole way.

Go Daddy Go Run Fast! Jesa, Harper, Mommy.

In case I forget my own name.
My little artist
 Also, I got an early Fathers Day gift, a Road Id! Now if they find me on the side of the road delirious  and speaking gibberish, they'll know who to call.  Nothing says love like being able to positively identify a body. I'm kidding of course, I love it and everyone should have one.
Early Fathers Day gift.


  1. Nice Bling and artwork. I think you will have an A race in 215 minutes or less!

  2. You neglected to add that your wonderful, thoughtful and always supportive wife had purchased you a Road ID a couple of years ago and you "lost" it. So, your wonderful, thoughtful and supportive wife and daughters thought it would be best to get this for you in case you ran off - if found, return to... HA HA HA love ya babe! S, J & H