Wednesday, June 8, 2011

T-Minus 10 Days!

I've shared my goals, I've ran my last "long" run, I've listed the advantages of 2011 vs. 2009. Now it's time to wait...or as Hal Higdon calls it, taper. It actually comes at a good time as I've had a little cold the last few days and haven't been 100%. My girls have had colds too and sleep hasn't been the greatest lately in our household.
To keep my focus and not let my mind go crazy thinking about Grandma's marathon on 6/18, I will review my training log of the last 18 weeks and share my highs and lows. Until then, here's a few pics from Grandma's 2009.

Shortly after the marathon in canal park.

Lift bridge in canal park where the race ends. You can see this from about mile 15. 

This was a few weeks before the marathon, but I always like this pic.

My biggest little fan. 

Checking out Lake Superior the day after the race (Fathers Day 2009).

2 of my 3 gals!

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  1. Enjoy your reward for all your hard work