Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Shoes! and a window seat?

Neat huh! I tried them on and walked around the store for a bit and then asked if I could take them outside. I told the lady if I don't come back, she could have one of my kids. She gave me a nervous smile with  a mix of horror. I don't think she got my sense of humor. Anyway, I don't recommend shoe shopping with 2 children around nap time. These were the only shoes I tried on as I really just wanted to make sure I got some shoes and got the hell outta there.

I did a quick 3 miles at lunch on Monday and 4.5 today and so far so good. This coming weekend will be the real test, I'm scheduled to do a 14 miler on Sunday. Last weeks runs were pretty solid. Tuesday through Friday I did 4 mile runs each day at lunch (weights on Monday). I varied the intensity and speed. I usually do a 10 minute warm-up and then either do hill repeats on the treadmill (6x2min w/ 1 min cooldown), or speedwork (6x 1 min @ 5k pace w/ 1 min cooldown), or a tempo run (10 min warm-up, 15-20 min tempo at 10K pace). All in all I did 29 miles this week (16 miles during the week and 5 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday), so the mileage will only go up from here until the week before the marathon. I hope these shoes work out because we are going to get well aquainted over the next 10 weeks and I'm to cheap to buy another pair if they don't work out.

In other news, the little one (She'll be 1 on 4/23!) got her cast off on Monday! She seemed a little apprehensive to use her repaired wing, but quickly got the hang of it. She was excited to take a real bath (as you can see in the pics below) as the last month has been only sponge baths.

Not long after this picture she capped off her long awaited bath with a poop...in the tub.  I had the privilege of cleaning it up and washing all the bath toys in bleach water. Man, kids are great! But who could be mad at a face like that. I can only take satisfaction in knowing that when I'm old and feeble  that I may return the favor.

And finally, here's a view from my new desk. I got a coveted window seat. I don't know what I did to deserve it (maybe napping and daydreaming), but I guess I'll take it.  Now I can watch the snow fall directly from my desk that the weather nazi's are predicting for later this week. Yeah!


  1. Your daughter is adorable. Her chubby cheeks remind me of my daughter when she was little. I too, have tried to buy sneakers with two kids...its a huge no no. The guy at the store was probably wishing I would leave sooner than I did...what sneakers are those ..they look good!

  2. Brooks Glycerine 9. So far I really like them so no buyers remorse...yet.