Monday, March 7, 2011

The Shining (minus the murderous rage)

Anyone's who's seen the movie and experienced a long winter will know what I'm talking about here. I don't know if it's age (36), having 2 young kids (4 years old and 10months), or just that this winter has been extremely long, but not being able to do outside activities drives me nuts.

Before you get overly concerned, I did get outside for 3 runs this week; Tues 3/1 for 3 miles, Saturday 3/5 for 3.8 miles, and Sunday 3/6 for 6 miles. The overall week went pretty good from a "training" standpoint, but I did manage to miss Wednesday's run as our daycare provider was only available in the afternoon because of a funeral. Weekly recap;

Monday: Upper body weights and core, 40 min.
Tuesday: 3 mile outside run. The first 2 miles I ran with my wife, then I did one more alone. 
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 4x400 meter sprints. about 3.5 miles overall.
Friday:  5 x 90 second hills. about 3.5 miles total. 
Saturday: 3.8 miles. 8:08/ mile average. 
Sunday: 6.05 miles. 8:48/mile average. 

I could get used to running outside, but mother nature has other idea's. She's bringing more snow on Tuesday and into Wednesday. Bitch!!!

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