Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Next Stop...East Dakota

So this weekend we are traveling to the western side of Minnesota, a place I fondly refer to as East Dakota. The last time we were back in that direction was Christmas and it looked like this...


facing south

facing North

I have a 12 mile run scheduled for this weekend in preparation for Grandma's Marathon in June and I'm not looking forward to my running options...north or south. At least if I go south, I'll eventually run into a town, but that's little consolation. If I run north, you could go literally 13 miles before the road even slightly turns.  It's slightly depressing when there is nothing visually to take your mind off the desolate landscape.  I guess I shouldn't complain,  the landscape doesn't really change on the treadmill.

I usually take the treadmill in the back left
One last thing, I remember the last few years during Lent,  McDonald's had these weird/creepy filet o fish commercials, but this year they don't have them. Strangely, I miss them. This guy reminds me of the guy from the "gimp" scene from Pulp Fiction. 

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  1. LOL we had a discussion about the McDonald's fish ads last week and my coworker sang the whole thing, even with the weird creepy fish voice! Now the ditty will be stuck in my head as I am writing....