Saturday, March 19, 2011

What a week...

Since the last post on 3/10 a lot has happened. Some of the normal day to day stuff and some not so normal stuff. Friday we watched the State High School Hockey Tournament semi-finals, on Saturday morning we vacuumed the carpet, dusted all the dusty stuff, swept the kitchen and bathroom, scrubbed the bathtub, and scrubbed the toilet. Saturday afternoon we had lunch at McDonalds (I know, bad parents right, well that's nothing) and that evening we watched the Hockey Tournament Class AA Final (Duluth East vs. Eden Prairie) go to a dramatic 3 OT thriller and the Class A Final (Hermantown vs. St. Thomas Academy) which was played earlier in the day was a great game as well. Now as the day rolled on, our 4 year old who had a "sniffle", went on to have a full blown cold. Her nose was so congested, she couldn't breath through her nose and the pressure was so bad that her eyes were red and watering. If that had been me, I'm sure I would have gladly smashed my face into the closest blunt object in an attempt to relieve the obvious pressure. Instead we tried the shower/steam trick in the bathroom and some cold medication, but neither seemed to do much good. Come Sunday, She wasn't feeling much better so we decided to run to the store to see if we could find some more powerful drugs better medication. It was about nap time so I went alone. I was somewhere between produce and pizza's when I got the text, our 10 1/2 month old fell off the bed. I immediately called home and was told she seemed alright. A few hours later my wife noticed that when she was on her tummy and tried to push herself up, she would cry. At that point my wife decided to take her Urgent Care. She waited for 2 hours just to get in and after the x-rays it was confirmed that she had a fractured wrist. Actually it's called a "green stick" fracture. I googled it and it's basically a fracture in an infant and the term refers to the softness of the bone, like the twig from a live tree, hence "green stick".

Back Off! or I'll give you a forearm shiver!

Check out my busted wing.

So here's a couple of pics of the wounded child. She has to wear the pink cast for 1 month which I can assure you will be a challenge. Now before you judge our parenting skills, I'm happy to report that we have made it up to Harper by offering her a convertible on her 16th birthday. Also, according to my 4 year old she's "back to normal" as her congestion is gone. So all is good. On a related note, I suspect we won't be getting any requests to babysit anytime soon, so I guess there is a silver lining.

Prior to the "fall", I did get in a 6 mile run and the running the rest of the week went all right. Nothing too exciting. I did get outside a couple times to run as the weather is starting to warm up. In fact, friday morning as I was on my way to drop the kids off at daycare my 4 year old yelled alarmingly "hey daddy! there's some grass!".  A sure sign of spring.

Tuesday morning I locked my keys in my car while dropping off my girls at daycare. Luckily I was able to unlock it with a coat hanger. My days of working auto theft insurance claims came in handy.

Thursday was St. Patrick's Day. So at work that meant...Donuts! What better way to celebrate the patron Saint of Ireland who brought Christianity to Ireland than boxes of flaky pastries. Thanks Pat!

I couldn't bring myself to open one for a peak.

This was left near a box, I assume someone traded up.
 Today my wife is running the Team Ortho Lucky 7K race in Minneapolis. She's been running with me on our lunch hour and building up speed. Good Luck Dear! I know you'll do great!


  1. Man, you've had a very eventful 9 days! I hope the month goes by quickly for your little girl.

  2. You and me both! We've had enough drama for awhile.

  3. That really sucks! We had to rush Emma to the ER after she knocked down the baby gate and flipped over and fell down a flight of stairs and couldnt walk (when she was 18 months old). Lucky enough, no broken bones, but I totally understand how you feel. And yes, no one asked us to babysit for a while either!