Saturday, January 1, 2011

12lbs of Christmas wrap up and a Half Marathon

I think the last day I left off was Friday December 17th. The week prior to Christmas was kind of hectic, so I didn't get any new pics of the snack buffet, but it went something like this: Monday December 20 - peanut brittle, chips, and a crockpot of chicken and wild rice soup, Tuesday December 21 - a huge bowl of chip dip (and chips of course) and another crockpot of some rice and hamburger hotdish (some people call them casserole's), Wednesday and Thursday tapered off with mostly Christmas cookies and donuts in the morning. The end of the 12lbs of Christmas ended with more of a fizzle than a bang.

Anyway, last night as my girls were asleep and my wife was dozing off in the glider rocker, I signed up for a Half Marathon. It was only $25 so the price was right I thought it would be a good way to kick start the training to this summers events. This race is on 5/21 and is close to home. It's a small race and I was hoping to set a new PR. My only stand alone half marathon was October of 2008 and my time was 1:55. I did actually best that during the Chicago Marathon with a time of 1:54. 

So that's race #3 for the 2011 season. Any indoor tri next month on February 6th, half marathon on May 21st, and a half iron on September 11th. I have my eye on another race in August, but we'll see.

Happy New Years everyone and hears to 2011. 

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