Sunday, January 9, 2011

4 Weeks to the Tri U mah

I swam yesterday for only the second time since September. It went OK. Nothing special. I warmed up with 200 yards of kicking and then did 4 X 100 of a combo of freestyle and side stroke. I never got into a rhythm and always default to the side stroke when things don't go well. Here are my 100 splits; 2:15, 2:12, 2:14, 2:14. I can't complain considering my last swim split average time was in the Square Lake short course triathlon was 2:17 / 100 yards for a half mile. I did a few more laps of cool down and tried working on technique.  I did another 100 yards of kicking and called it good. It's tough getting up and getting my butt to the pool when the temperature outside is only 4 degree's not including the wind chill.
It feels something like this...

Anyway, Last weeks "training" went like this;

Monday: 30 minute treadmill interval run
5 minutes at 10 min/mile, 5 minutes at 8 min/mile, 10 minutes at 6:37 min/mile, and then did it in reverse.

Tuesday: Stationary Bike Trainer
10 minutes at 90-100 RPM, 10 minutes at 115 RPM, and 10 minutes at 90-100 RPM.

Wednesday: Light weights, pushups, and core work.

Thursday: 30 minute treadmill hill work
I did a 6 minute warmup and then did an increased incline every 3 minutes for 1 minute. So at the 6 minute mark I increased the incline to 2 for one minute and then at the 9 minute mark I increased the incline to 4, and at the 12 minute mark the incline went to 6. I did this up to the #10 incline and then did a walking cool down.

Friday: Stationary Bike Trainer
30 minutes at 90-100 Rpm.

The next couple of weeks will be similar to this one and then I'll start some brick work outs on the bike trainer and treadmill.

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