Thursday, December 9, 2010

12 Pounds of X-Mas

So every year at work they do this thing called "The 12 pounds of Christmas". Basically they lay out a sign-up sheet starting with the 12th day before Christmas (business days) and people write down what kind of treat, snack, goodie, or desert they will bring to share with our department. So yesterdaywas day #12 and on the menu was bacon wrapped little smokies with brown sugar! These are Damn good, but terrible for you. I did a little research and estimated that one of these little devils is about 200 calories. Sorry to report, but I had 3. If I don't die of a heart attack, I'll report what the next few days offer for the "12 pounds of Christmas". Oh, on another note, someone I know will be joining me at the Square Lake half iron. I'll be putting together a list of reasons why I may or may not beat him.

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