Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bake Sale

Chocolate covered bacon!
 So in order to raise money at work for the Employee Recreation Committee (ERC), we had a bake sale today. I did my part and offered up something I've never made or actually ever eaten, chocolate covered bacon. Sounds good, right!? It wasn't too bad. The salty sweet taste kind of reminds me of a chocolate covered peanut, but then the meaty taste kind of kicks in and it's it own unique flavor. I mention this only because the next few weeks are my weakest when it comes to sweets. It is everywhere! Home, work...well that's about it because I really don't go anywhere else. Anyway, I thought they were good and if nothing else, it was the most interesting item. I will need to summon all my willpower to get through Christmas without packing on the pounds.  As for training,  I plan on holding off one more week with my no running campaigne. That will make it 6 weeks. I don't think the "hammy" is much better, but it was worth a shot and it allowed me to learn some new weight training exercises. Once I start running again, I'll post some pics of the path I run on at work.

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