Monday, December 13, 2010


So here's a little lesson in humility and possibly a little motivation this off-season. The pic on the top is from July 2006. My wife and I had gone to Colorado for a family reunion. We stayed in Winter Park, but one afternoon we went to Hot Sulphur Springs to relax in the sulphur springs. I did a lot of relaxing those days. The pic on the bottom is from July 2010 immediately following the LifeTime Fitness Olympic distance triathlon (about 150lbs). I don't know how much I weighed in July of 2006, but in October of 2005 I weighed about 170lbs for our wedding and I'm certain my weight didn't go down from there. I actually used to kid about "letting myself go" after I got married. Little did I know I actually was! I've since learned to watch what I eat more (although a work in progress) and workout about 5 days a week. We got close to 20 inches of new snow from Friday night and all day Saturday and it was cold as hell on Sunday. No Vikings game to help deal with the cabin fever either as the Metrodome collapsed from all the snow.  It's going to be a long winter.
July 2006
July 2010

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