Sunday, December 19, 2010

Friday's 12lbs of X-Mas

So not only did we have the usually holiday goodies on Friday, but we had a baby shower for a co-worker. That of course adds to the surplus of food available for everyone to graze on all day.

chips (a staple of any treat day)

Ghiradelli chocolates 

crackers and an assortment of spreads


Ceasar salad and an empty container of chicken wings

huge tote of popcorn

6 large pizza's

Oh yeah, I mentioned that I was going to discuss training. I did get to the pool on Saturday morning and it was as expected...wet. I did some drills, 200 warmup, 8X25 of freestyle, and 200 cool down.  Not much, but still taking it a bit easy on the left hamstring which is feeling pretty good. I also got out for a 2 mile run outside on Friday. It was COLD. I only had shorts and a couple of top layers and later found that it was in the single digits. Time to bust out the tights!

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