Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Luncheon

So today is our holiday luncheon for work. They shut down the office from 11:30am - 2pm and we trek over to a fine dinning establishment called Tinucci's. This is the same place that Randy Moss disrespected a few months ago by saying that he wouldn't let his dog eat their food. From everything I've heard, it's actually a wonderful place to eat and Randy Moss and his dog have taken their act to Tennessee (Good Riddance!).

 As for the 12lbs of X-mas...well they took today off. However, the last couple of days looked like the following pics. The 2 pics below were taken at about 10:30am and you'll notice the empty pan. That can contained a taco dip and was apparently very popular. I was told it was put out at about 9am so it only took about 90 minutes to clean it out.  I never even got a taste, Oh well, I guess it was not meant to be. I'm going to have to start posting about some of my workouts, runs, swims, bikes, or something else, otherwise anyone who stumbles onto this blog will think all I do is eat crap all day.

 Last but not least, Here is a pic of my 2 little girls. We used this pic in our Christmas card this year. I am very blessed.

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